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Ready2Drink soup

Soup contains 34 types of vegetable + Malted Rice - Full of nutritious

Charming Tea

A tea series helps sliming with natural ingredients


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Ready2drink Soup

Healthier Choice for everyone


Its a Soup | Its a broth

your kitchen partner

gives your all you need for the day - full of nutrition


Inspired from the word beauty!

We all live in the world of [BEAUTY]!

Beautiful face, beautiful place, beautiful vehicle, beautiful dresses, so & so, human basically loves beauty to have beautiful day beautiful life.

To achieve beauty, is a knowledge. Let’s start from our body & soul. 

Maazel Maazel products intro

Contain 34 types of vegetables + Malted rice (KOJI)

Healthy soup Multiple way of consume, Room temperature, Chilled and warm. Can be used as cooking paste or dipping sauce as well. 

Healthy instant noodles with no MSG and no preservatives, but long shelf life.Vegan friendly with no meat, no milk, no seafood, no egg.